Relationship Consultation


When we begin to unpack our own internal processes and understand the dialogue that occurs between the characters existing within us, it’s amazing to think that we actively seek relationship! Whether it be an intimate relationship, a professional dynamic or family patterns, relationships always challenge us and force us to see ourselves reflected. Relationship Astrology is a powerful tool for being able to zone in on the inevitable difficulties and gain understanding as to why and where tensions and ease exists. We can’t change other people, but we can understand the points of intersection and learn how to navigate relationships with care and understanding. This service is available in person and via skype for all variations of relationships.

$50 non-refundable deposit &/or full payment paid below.
All consultations are sliding scale beginning at $200
Increments can be paid at the "one time payment" page.

For more details and to make an appointment, contact Dru:

Image by Jessika Fancy