Venus Retrograde 2020

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For the duration of this Venus Rx cycle Dru Ish & Jessika Fancy are offering weekly astrological and magical guidance to inspire you. This is designed for you to work through at your own pace no matter your knowledge or experience.

Details about the Venus Retrograde 2020 workshop can be found at - under EVENTS.

We aim to keep our work as accessible as possible by offering sliding scale rates. If you are of a higher income bracket we encourage you to help us keep our work accessible by paying accordingly.

Tier 1: $40 Limited availability for low or no income + $2.00 processing fee - available only at

Tier 2: $60

Tier 3: $80

***All tiers above $100 include Venus Rx tincture - US and Canada only

Tier 4: $110 ($100 + $10 shipping)

Tier 5: $135

Tier 6: $155

Tier 7: $185

Tier 8: $210

Tier 9: $250

*If you are purchasing this as a gift please specify the recipients name and email address.