Cancellation / Refund policy

All consultations are paid in full at the time of booking.

I value the quality of the work I do and want each person to feel that they receive what they paid for, and more. Each consultation requires hours of preparation for me to be able to deliver you quality work.

I do not offer consultation without prior research, unless I am reading at a pop-up location. Booking a consultation means we are mutually agreeing to meet at this time and date, and I can no longer offer this time to someone else.

I will spend my time before your reading making sure I am well prepared and researched on matters of your chart. Your appointment starts at the time we agree to meet and runs the full length of the advertised time. Starting late impacts following appointments. Please see below for late arrivals.

Cancellation / Reschedule

If you need to cancel or reschedule, 24 hours notice is required via email – AT gmail DOT com – limited to one cancellation /reschedule per reading. Refunds for cancellations are minus the deposit fee of 50% of the total amount, the booking fee and any fees incurred in refunding you.

Cancelling or rescheduling within 24 hours before your appointment, not showing up at the agreed time (arriving late), and not submitting your birth data forfeits your payment and appointment. Appointments are automatically cancelled 15 minutes after the allotted time if you don’t show up, or let me know that you are running late. If I need to reschedule I will give you 24+ hours notice.

Pop-up, raffle donations and Fund Raiser Readings are not transferable to another date and time, or person; all donations are final as I am unable to refund you in these instances.

Once I have received payment, I will email you to arrange a time and date for your reading. Please check your spam account if you don’t hear from me. I open my books one month in advance, and when appointments sell out I do not create more space. If you do not follow up via email or make any effort to contact me, your payment will remain valid for use 9 months after purchase, after which time it will be void. This is the least ideal outcome.

My / Your  responsibility

After putting in the work, I want your reading to go ahead, and I want it to be enjoyable for you. I see my responsibility in being professional, prepared, on time and able to relate to you in a way that means you can receive the information I am imparting. Your responsibility is to read and respond to emails, submit accurate birth data and show up on time. If we can both do this it should be smooth sailing!

Please double check your birth data before submitting. Incorrect birth data forfeits your payment & allotted appointment because I have done all of the work prior to your reading and can no longer offer this spot to anyone else. If you do not have an accurate birth time, contact Dru BEFORE booking. Purchasing a reading without making contact about this can result in a full refund minus booking fees.

I reserve the right to refund any payment where I feel there is abuse, disrespect or that I can not offer you what you are asking for.




Full payment is required before your Astro Tattoo LDR will be completed and sent.

Double check your personal data 

Correct name, address and birth data is the responsibility of the person completing the form. Incorrect information which results in your Astro Tattoo LDR being sent to the wrong address, with the incorrect name or incorrect birth chart and analysis does not constitute grounds for a refund or reproduction of any kind.

Hey Postie!

Dru Ish and Jessika Fancy do not take any responsibility for damages incurred by any postal system once it leaves our hands. We will send your Astro tattoo LDR in a reinforced, waterproof, protected envelope to avoid this occurring to the best of our abilities. We care about your product as much as you do!

Return to sender

Astro Tattoo LDR’s that are returned to sender will require a secondary shipment payment from the purchaser. No refund will be afforded for returned items.

LDR as a gift

It is the responsibility of anyone who purchases Astro Tattoo LDR’s as a gift to gain authorised consent from the individual whom it is for before purchasing. By selecting the “If this is a gift, I certify that the recipient has consented to their birth data being used for this purpose.” in your sign up form, we take no responsibility thereafter for any legal or personal issues that may arise. No refund will be afforded for unauthorised work. If you do not make the above selection in your sign up form and it IS a gift without consent, we also take no responsibility thereafter for any legal or personal issues that may arise…but would like to remind you that consent is a valid and important choice for each individual. 

What if…

In the case that you are dissatisfied with your Astro Tattoo LDR, no refund, exchange or reproduction will be made. We make every effort to produce high quality work that you will enjoy and benefit from.